Our Breast Cancer Team is called "Save Toys for Boys & Some Girls, too!",
we walk to fight Breast Cancer! We are walking 39 miles in 2 days this September in Santa Barbara.

Many of us have been affected by Breast Cancer - our moms, our grandmas, tia's, nina's, family friends, cousins, best friends, sisters and we walk to honor them and the battles they endured! We walk to help prevent our children being plagued with Breast Cancer. We walk for the men in our life that are susceptible to Breast Cancer, too! We walk for all with cancer, cancer free and those that may have lost the battle, too! WE WALK!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dance Breast Cancer Away!

     Like to DANCE? Like to give to CHARITIES? Like to fight BREAST CANCER? Like one of our walkers: ANA, MARTYNE, KARINA, NINA, LAURA, DONNA or KARIN?  Well, I am sure you answered yes to all four questions but even one YES will do, to spark your interest in our next fundraising event!
     We have planned an evening of dancing, drinking, raffles & LOTSA' FUN!! Please join in this wonderful Charity Event - Friday, May 21 - 8 p.m. 'til 2 a.m. at IGUANAS Nite Club at 8528 Rosemead Bl. Pico Rivera (conveniently located off the 5 fwy). IGUANAS is donating the space - so your ticket purchase will be completely donated to our team walking in Avon's Walk for Breast Cancer on September 11 - 12 (39mi.) in Santa Barbara.  Your $10 donation per ticket will help fund the basic $1800 each walker must raise! Our goal: $15,000!!! You can make this possible!
     We have a great line up of DJs: Juan V (Crazy Horse), John Guzman (Face to Face), Adrian (Prism), Danny (Debonair), Danny (Poison), DJ Albert, Manuel (Brazil), Kris (Fantasia) , Mario (Vinde) and more...The music will be everything you can imagine: Old Disco, Hi Energy, House, Funk, Freestyle & a lil' latin flavor, too! 
     Please if you'd like to purchase some tickets, please email Ana at a-n-agomez@hotmail.com or call/text at 714.713.3805. She will get your purchase rolling & your tickets to you! Thank you for your interest in our event. Stay tuned flyer soon to be posted! Thanks together we can fight BREAST CANCER!

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