Our Breast Cancer Team is called "Save Toys for Boys & Some Girls, too!",
we walk to fight Breast Cancer! We are walking 39 miles in 2 days this September in Santa Barbara.

Many of us have been affected by Breast Cancer - our moms, our grandmas, tia's, nina's, family friends, cousins, best friends, sisters and we walk to honor them and the battles they endured! We walk to help prevent our children being plagued with Breast Cancer. We walk for the men in our life that are susceptible to Breast Cancer, too! We walk for all with cancer, cancer free and those that may have lost the battle, too! WE WALK!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dance Away Breast Cancer was a HUGE SUCCESS!

Our team thanks all those that supported our event - either with a donation, sponsorship, purchase or sale of tickets, raffle donations, raffle ticket purchases....whatever it was big or small, THANK YOU! We had a fabulous turnout, 427 people & made a grand total of $4164! We cannot complain it was a blast & the DJs rocked the house. From the strike of  8p.m. the club was jumping! People arrived a lil' early to secure their seats & it was well worth it because eventually all that was left was standing room. I'd say by 10:30 there was only limited standing room! WOo HOo! The dance floor-story in itself the floor was thumping, jumping, grinding, swinging & chacha'ing from the get go. Our DJs got on the turntables & kept the floor grooving. Our shout out of thanks to DJs Albert, Eric M, Joe Lewis, Juan V, Kelley, Kris Tropicana...and a special thanks to our huge supporters & DJs Adrian Prism & Danny Debonair from gruvworks.com - Flashback Rewind Show! We also had other DJs & Promoters in the house like DJ Bunny, Alex Chante both from the Disco Biscuit Show,  Rick Chaz, Mario Vinde, Rick Shezoray, Steve Beltran, Freddy from QC's, Long Hair Tommy, Paul Dancer & others from B2D! It was a great time to dance, re-acquaint with faces from days gone by & drink til 2a.m. 
Many people bought tickets at a chance to win a Sports Stationary Cooler, Dodger Tickets, Angel Tickets, Ice House Tickets, Wine Basket, Mary Kay - Goodies Basket, Adrian Prism CDs & much much more! We thank everyone that made our raffle such a grand success!
We look forward to having one more of these Dance Away Breast Cancer events by the time we walk! After we walk on September 11 we will host a FREE Dance Away Breast Cancer event for all those that  have supported our current charity events. It should be a blast! Stay tuned....next is BBQ Sunday at Iguanas June 13 - everyone welcome bring the entire family, eat, drink, socialize & hang out with great music! June 23 & 24 we appreciate your eating at La Casita Olvera in Whittier at 14223 Leffingwell Rd - just mention Breast Cancer & the name of the walker you know. If you don't know a walker...no worries the % of your tab will be divided evenly among the 7 of us! Thanks for your support!

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  1. I am planning an event just like this for our philanthropy breast cancer education and awareness and was wondering if there was anyway i could ask you a few question about your event please email me back at unica_cruz09@yahoo.com

    thank you a proud helper to raise money for breast cancer