Our Breast Cancer Team is called "Save Toys for Boys & Some Girls, too!",
we walk to fight Breast Cancer! We are walking 39 miles in 2 days this September in Santa Barbara.

Many of us have been affected by Breast Cancer - our moms, our grandmas, tia's, nina's, family friends, cousins, best friends, sisters and we walk to honor them and the battles they endured! We walk to help prevent our children being plagued with Breast Cancer. We walk for the men in our life that are susceptible to Breast Cancer, too! We walk for all with cancer, cancer free and those that may have lost the battle, too! WE WALK!

Friday, April 16, 2010

As we begin this journey...

This journey begins here & now for us walkers. We have registered, committed to walk & raise funds to support our great cause of fighting Breast Cancer! Our minimum goal is to raise $1800 each - this amount allows us to take part in the event in Santa Barbara on September 11 & 12. With the honor of participating we will walk with many others, a journey of 26 miles on day one. Day two will be a feat none of us have ever  attempted - we will walk an additional 13 miles. Wait what am I talking about? I don't think all six walkers combined have ever walked 39 miles in one weekend!  This will be a first for all of our team members, to walk 39 miles in the course of two days. We know we can do it & with your prayers & thoughts we will cross the finish line!
So, who are we you ask? Here is a lil' background on all six of our team members and how they were coerced to walk. Well, I'm Ana I started this team in hopes of a few of us joining my walk in honor of my mother & my children who one day may be affected. I never would have imagined there would be SIX of us walking & our team is still growing. Thank you for joining our cause, our page, our dedication - we know God (your God) will pay you in two fold for your generous contribution to our cause! With much love & honor to you & all those affected by Breast Cancer!.
     So let's discuss my first recruit, Martyne. Martyne is my 20 year old daughter who was touched by cancer about 4 years ago when my mother ventured on her battle to win the fight! Martyne shared a room with her grandmother, as she stayed in our home & the bond they formed as she watched her grandmother fight is everlasting, I believe it is what drove her to walk! My second recruit is a good friend, Nina. Nina is our most fit walker. She spins & teaches spin 4 times a week, so walking will be a breeze for her while the rest of us will be huffing & puffing through the course! She walks for a few reasons other than she loves me! :o) Nina's daughter had a scare, & we thank God it was only a scare.  This was soon followed by the news of her own mother battling breast cancer. They are just in the beginning stages of facing the dreaded disease but with faith, hope & the comfort of knowing that women survive breast cancer more & more every day-she sees light at the end of this tunnel. Next I recruited a friend of a friend that has won a special spot in my heart, Karina! One day I thought I'd pose the question of her walking. She didn't need a lot of persuasion as I think in her mind she knew she wanted to do it - for her momma & so many others she knew. Well, she tried her excuse of "I've been thinking about it. But not sure if I'm that good in shape for it. I'm scurred.". I gave her the "Hell, girl I'm not in shape! PLUS, I am getting arthritis in my knee but you know some cancer patients current & past do it so what do we have to complain about! RIGHT?!" ...tan tan, se acabo la cancion! Karina was in!! Soon after I received Karina's notice my comadre, Donna opened up to wanting to join. WHAT? My friend, Donna up for the walk-up to join, yay! Donna & I had spoken of walking but never anything concrete. In reflection now, how did I think I could do it without her? Donna has been by my side through so much-and when I say much, I mean MUCH! Donna jumped right in & expressed her excitement, her enthusiasm, her great feeling of being a part of something so big & we were going to do it together, just as we have been for the past 20 years of friendship. Thanks comadre for joining without my even bugging you! Our sixth member, Laura. I have known Laura now for
just about a year. We met through our sons t-ball team & have been friends since. We have worked out together, laughed & shared disco day stories! The only thing with Laura is she signed up - excited & buzzin' away with enthusiasm, unfortunately it all came to a halt four days later when she realized she had joined a 39 mile walk. When she called figuring, Avon must have a typo on their web page I burst her bubble as she let out a scream of horror "What? 39 miles? OMG!". Luckily, so far she is still continuing the journey to walk. But, shhh don't anyone tell her we camp out in tents after 26 miles, she may about faint with that detail! We are a diverse group of women with ages ranging from 20 to late 40's & we all will walk together!
     I hope that as the days pass & we are closer to our date I will have more walkers to write about. Please check back in periodically so we may keep you up to date on our progress.
     But one last thing..."Hey you! Ya' you, you wanna walk with us in September to fight Breast Cancer?" Why not think about it? You will be rewarded with great emotional rewards as you complete the journey with us!

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