Our Breast Cancer Team is called "Save Toys for Boys & Some Girls, too!",
we walk to fight Breast Cancer! We are walking 39 miles in 2 days this September in Santa Barbara.

Many of us have been affected by Breast Cancer - our moms, our grandmas, tia's, nina's, family friends, cousins, best friends, sisters and we walk to honor them and the battles they endured! We walk to help prevent our children being plagued with Breast Cancer. We walk for the men in our life that are susceptible to Breast Cancer, too! We walk for all with cancer, cancer free and those that may have lost the battle, too! WE WALK!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our Team Name "Save Toys for Boys"

As I toyed with many names - Mommy's Boobies, Bunco Boobies, Breastess', Marching Boobies...they all were coming along but thanks to my friend, Gaby Johnson we were given the Toys for Boys Team! I added "& some girls, too!" in hopes that some of my lesbian amigas would walk, support & join in the fun! Well I still am awaiting one of my girlie girl amigas...I'll hold my breath one shall give in! Right, MOSCA? So, thanks to Gaby for our name...thanks to me for the logo. I could not see past using the "toys for tots" logo! I hope you enjoy in the fun of our team title!

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